Things to Do with Autistic Children in Kindergarten

Activities for Autistic Child in

Activities for an autistic child in kindergarten can be relevant and enjoyable for the entire class. One of the most important aspects of selecting activities is to consider the child's interests and strengths. The interests are naturally motivating and strengths offer opportunities for positive experiences. Consider some activities that may be appropriate for the entire class.

Circle Time

Circle time is an excellent activity that helps children on the autism spectrum to learn through modeling. The activity is ideal because the daily routine contains mini routines:

  • Today's date/days of the week/month
  • Weather
  • Who is present/absent (use photos of classmates)


Matching is a visual activity that works with the child's strengths. The activity appeals to the child's sense of order and routine and it can be used to teach some academic concepts as well. Begin with simple, identical matches followed by skills that are more complex:

  • Letters
    • Capitals to small
  • Colors
    • Mixing colors (blue and yellow match with green)
  • Shapes
    • Find shapes in objects (square window)
  • Item to activity (shoe goes with foot)


Sorting is among the activities for an autistic child in kindergarten that appeals to the child's need for order. Sorting is a matching skill that requires processing skills that are little more complex. The child has to:

  • Scan objects
  • Identify objects
  • Put like items in their respective containers

Sensory Integration

Many activities for kids in kindergarten involve sensory processing. Playing outside provides an opportunity for countless sensory experiences such as swinging and climbing. In addition, classroom activities can include the senses as well:

  • Painting
  • Crafts
    • Cotton balls
    • Pasta
    • Beads
    • Fabric
  • Beanbag chair

Fine Motor

Fine motor activities can be very challenging, especially writing. Part of the difficulty is that the brain has to use neurologically demanding tasks in a time-critical manner in order to perform simple fine motor activities.

  • Color/draw/write
  • Puzzle
  • Blocks
  • Lacing
  • Buttoning
  • Push buttons


Music is an excellent activity that automatically gets attention. Music can be used to signal that a transition is about to occur. For example a "Clean Up" song alerts children that the activity is ending. Instruments are great for building skills:

  • Attention
  • Fine motor
  • Listening
  • Sensory integration


Activities for an autistic child in kindergarten that involve play can help the child to learn how to interact with others. Neurotypical children typically play naturally, but children on the spectrum often learn how to play, as they would learn how to add. Great play activities include:

  • Ring Around the Rosie
  • Hide and Seek
  • Hot Potato
  • Red Light Green Light

Any game that encourages the child to reference others is ideal. In addition, consider other activities for autistic children in kindergarten.

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