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The Aspergers Society of Ontario (ASO) is exclusively dedicated to people with Asperger syndrome. Established in 2000, the organization recognizes that AS is a distinct condition that requires specialized treatments and services.

Asperger Society of Ontario

The organization was founded by professionals and by parents of children with AS. Its goals involve educating, building awareness and offering support for people with Aspergers. The mission of the ASO focuses on improving the lives of people with Aspergers while providing support and resources for professionals, families, government, employers and the community.

Asperger Infoline

Among the most important services provided by the nonprofit organization is the Asperger Infoline. Callers can get information about resources and services in their area. Parents, professionals and people with AS can find helpful resources specific to their individual needs. Staff members offer their guidance free of charge but some agencies that are recommended may charge for their programs.

Outings for Adults with AS

The Aspergers Society of Ontario hosts an outing for adults with AS every month. Adults 19 years and older are welcome to join a variety of activities that help promote social skills while building relationships.

Community Resources

The ASO offers a generous list of resources for the community but the organization notes that the list is not comprehensive. Resources for Ontario include:

• Agencies that specialize in Aspergers and autism spectrum disorders

• Camps

• Community groups

• Employment

• Events

• Financial services

• Workshops


The Aspergers Society of Ontario helps researchers find volunteers for their studies by posting information on its site. Research projects are listed with a description of the study and the facility that is conducting the research. All research programs are screened by the organization and each has to include a copy of a research ethics approval form.Individuals with Aspergers syndrome have the option of registering with the ASO to help researchers find potential study participants who meet their criteria. The registry is private and the organization does not share personal information with any research program or any other organization. Once the ASO receives information about a study as well as the research ethics approval form, it sends details about the study to qualified individuals in the Registry. Participation in the studies is voluntary and it isn't necessary to be a member of the ASO in order to join the Registry.

Readings and Articles

The ASO features an educational materials including:• Articles covering a variety of subjects about Aspergers syndrome

• Publishers that print books about AS

• Videos

• Educational CDs

The educational CDs are in text format and the organization charges a fee for this resources. The topics include details about Aspergers syndrome, education and AS, and advocacy among many others.

Improving Lives of People with AS

People diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome typically have normal to advanced intellectual abilities but social impairments can interfere with their success as well as their happiness. The ASO offers helpful resources that include promoting awareness among the community and providing information for professionals working in the field. In addition, the organization looks at the emotional impact AS has on the individual and his family as well as tips for socialization.

Learning how to navigate the social world can be challenging for anyone. A person with Aspergers syndrome may face comorbid conditions including depression and anxiety, which can further interfere with the ability to deal with socializing. The ASO focuses on helping the individual with AS to flourish in all aspects of her life. For the people affected with AS in the Ontario area, the ASO is an excellent resource and some of the resources provided by this organization may be helpful to people across the globe.

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Asperger Society of Ontario