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Whether you need the perfect image to decorate stationary or want to enhance another project with a fitting graphic, autism clip art is a great solution. You can use these free images in lots of fun ways to share your views on autism and promote awareness and acceptance.

Free Autism Clip Art

To use these images, simply right click on the one you want and save the file to your computer. You can add it to the document of your choice and resize it to fit the needs of your project.

autism clipart
Awareness and acceptance
autism clipart
Autism building blocks
autism clipart
Helping hands
autism clipart

Ideas for Using Autism Images

One of the things that makes clip art great is its versatility. You can use these images to decorate just about anything. Consider some of these fun ideas:

  • Decorate thank you notes and other personal stationary. Your friends and family will see that you are passionate about autism awareness.
  • Use clip art to add visual impact to brochures and newsletters related to a community autism group or organization. If you use the same images throughout your paper products, you can create a cohesive look.
  • If you have a special needs classroom, use the images on lessons and parent newsletters.
  • Make stickers by printing the clip art images on sticky labels in your desired size. You can find these at any office supply store.
  • Use the images to enhance a digital scrapbook about an individual with autism.
  • Make gift tags to attach to classroom presents or door prizes at a fundraiser.

More Autism-Related Clip Art

If you're still looking for the perfect graphic, you can find autism clip art on a number of websites. Try one of these great options:

  • Clipart Mountain - This site offers lots of cool autism-related images, including ribbons, puzzle pieces, and graphics with sayings. The images are free for personal use.
  • Teachers Pay Teachers - Here, you'll find a collection of hand-drawn clip art titles related to autism. They're designed for use with stationary and classroom materials, and they are free to use.
  • Design by Raven Muse - This site offers free clip art images of ribbons, puzzle piece banners, autism facts, and more. The free images are low resolution, but you can purchase higher resolution versions by contacting the artist.
  • - Here, you can download free graphics, mostly focused on autism awareness. You can also get blinking clip art to use on your website.
  • - This scrapbooking site offers a set of really neat autism superhero graphics. The images include kids with autism ribbons and puzzle pieces, as well as lots of great slogans. It retails for one dollar.

Images Add Power

Sometimes, the right image can make your message much more powerful. Whether you're a parent, educator, therapist, or simply an advocate for autism acceptance, you'll find that clip art can revolutionize the way people see your communication. Have fun using these colorful images!

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