Autism Myths

Autism Myths

Although people are learning more about autism, many autism myths plague these individuals. Clearing up those myths may mean opening the door to new opportunities.

They Like to Be Alone

One common myth is that those who have autism spectrum disorder like to be alone.

Fact: Although many people with autism lack the social understanding of how to interact, they do not lack the need to be with others.

It's the Parents' Fault

Poor parenting is the cause of autism.

Fact: Parental behavior before, during or after birth is not the cause of autism in children, though doctors are not sure what is.

Autistic People Lack Success

For those who believe that children with autism cannot be successful, think again.

Fact: Many individuals with autism do become productive members of society, living and working in the community.

It Gets Worse Over Time

One thing doctors know about autism is that it does not get worse over time.

Fact: Most children and adults will continue to improve over their lifetimes. If your child is not improving, they may be lacking the proper services.

It Happens to Other People

A big myth is that autism cannot happen to your child.

Fact: Autism may be hereditary, but this is not always the case. If you believe your child could be autistic, schedule a diagnostic test to learn more.

Autism Is a Secret

For some families, hiding children who have autism seems better than allowing them to interact with society.

Fact: Doctors know that people who receive adequate treatment do improve. This is not a secret you need to keep.

There Is No Help

Perhaps the most disturbing of all types of myths regarding autism is that there is no help.

Fact: There are options available to help. Please explore them. Speak with your doctor, local community organizations and network with others online.

Explore your options in Alternative treatments for autism as another source of help.

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Autism Myths