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People who have Asperger syndrome are intelligent, focused individuals who have many admirable qualities. Significant impairments in social processing, however, interrupt the ability to connect with others. Aspergers is a pervasive developmental disorder distinct from classical autism.

Asperger Syndrome Attributes

Individuals who have this condition have many outstanding qualities that are the ideal in many instances. They are less likely to conform, making peer pressure a non-issue for many teenagers with Aspergers.

Focus is another remarkable quality that people with Asperger syndrome share. Many excel in certain subjects and areas of interest with great success. Intense focus and attention to detail make many individuals with this diagnosis experts in their respective areas of interest.

Honesty is a remarkable quality that few people have but it is basically the norm within the Aspie population. The tendency to be honest is reflected in language processing problems.

Language and Communication

Aspergers is unique among the pervasive developmental disorders because of the lack of language delay. A rich vocabulary is an integral part of communication but many other aspects to communication that can be lacking. Communication is complex, relying a great deal on social skills.

  • Figurative language
  • Sarcasm
  • Facial expressions
  • Body language
  • Metaphor and simile

Consider some of the obstacles an honest person faces when dealing with communication in the social realm. A metaphor is technically an untruth and sarcasm is little more than a lie in some people's perspective.

Asperger Challenges

Many of the attributes shared by the Aspie population may present troublesome challenges. The obstacles primarily exist in the realm of social interaction. The fundamental problem is akin to blindness, as the term social blindness suggests.

The complexities of communication can pose significant problems, especially since people with Aspergers are high functioning. Others do not readily recognize Asperger details and are unable to understand some responses, or lack thereof.

Adherence to strict routine, attention problems and sensory processing difficulties are other problematic obstacles that people with the condition face. Coping mechanisms for teens with Asperger syndrome are of great importance during this challenging phase.


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Asperger Syndrome