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Autistic boy building with blocks

There are tons of helpful resources for those who have been diagnosed with Autism and their families. Resources can help connect you to support, assist you in finding useful information, and help you find providers who specialize in this particular diagnosis. Keep in mind that although there can be challenges that come with this diagnosis, there are also some incredible skills and gifts that those who have symptoms of Autism are able to accomplish with ease.

Understanding Symptoms of Autism

Autism Spectrum Disorder is a pervasive developmental disorder showing early symptoms in infants and toddlers from six to 18 months old. Typically, a diagnosis is made in early childhood, as parents or caregivers may notice some developmental issues or quirks. Those who have this diagnosis may struggle with social interactions, relationships, empathy, and communication. There may also be signs of rigidity, stereotyped or repetitive behavior, and sensory hypo or hyper-reactivity. Those with Autism may also have an incredible ability to focus, be honest and forthcoming, have an excellent long-term memory, and be detail oriented, as well as creative, mathematically gifted, and musically inclined.

Services for Those With Autism Spectrum Disorder

If you're interested in finding services for you or a loved one, there are a lot of professionals that specialize in assisting those with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Help can include finding specialized schools, getting assistance with life skills and social skills, and hiring speech and occupational therapists.

Support for Families

It can be helpful for caretakers and parents to join support groups and seek services that connect them to others who are experiencing similar situations. Parenting in general is challenging, so finding people who you can connect with regarding Autism-specific challenges can be feel comforting, reassuring, and validating to your experience. Support can include therapy groups, parenting classes, listening to field experts, and enlisting the help of home support professionals.

Finding Useful Services

Finding appropriate services can help you or a loved one tackle tasks or situations that may feel a bit more challenging. Remember that many children with an Autism diagnosis grow up to lead happy, healthy lives, have successful careers, and go on to have families if they choose. There is plenty of support available for you and a loved one if you are struggling with anything due to the symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder, as well as any other comorbid disorder that may be causing any discomfort.

Autism Resources