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Article Highlight: How to Teach Children With Autism About Stranger Danger

It's important to teach any child how to react to unfamiliar adults, but there are some special considerations and techniques to keep in mind what you coach a child with autism about strangers. Challenges like… Keep reading »

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Autism resources

Few things are as critical as autism resources for families affected by pervasive developmental disorder.

Autism Resources

Many resources are available, including help for parents and family members and training for professionals working with autistic individuals. Topics are vast and information is plentiful, though sometimes confusing.

Family Support

Some of the most important resources available helps connect families affected by autistic disorders. Dealing with a diagnosis of autism is an important aspect of gaining perspective on the situation while preparing to develop a viable treatment plan.

Treatment is lifelong in many cases and it is important to consider services for teenagers with autism, transitional plans and careers for people with autism.

Educational Resources

Education about autism is of great importance. There are many confusing misconceptions about the disorders and this can significantly interfere with an individual's ability to thrive in the community. Autism awareness organizations including Autism Speaks and the Autism Society of America offer much information and support for families and professionals.

Professional Resources

Educating professionals about autism is a crucial matter, especially in the realm of therapeutic support. Encouraging people to work with children, teens and adults who have special needs is critical because the need is great and so few people are properly trained in this field.


Among the most valuable autism resources are people directly affected by the spectrum. Whether you are a professional, parent, family member or you have a diagnosis in the autism spectrum, your insight is extremely valuable. LoveToKnow Autism welcomes comments and feedback as well as insightful suggestions.

Autism Resources