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Article Highlight: 13 Autism Myths to Clear Up Right Now

Even though autism spectrum disorders affect 1 in 59 children in the US, it's still common to encounter people who believe common autism myths. These misconceptions can dramatically affect how people interact… Keep reading »

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Autism Slideshows

Autism slideshows offer quick ideas and input combined with vivid images. The concise format is ideal for gathering and retaining information. Readers have an opportunity to access topics that run the gamut from recognizing the signs of autism to working with kids on the spectrum in general settings.

Gathering Ideas

The ability to gather ideas in an expedient manner is of the utmost importance. There is a lot of information about autism and related pervasive developmental disorders, and LoveToKnow slideshows present ideas for working and living with people on the spectrum.

Children's Topics

Ideas related to creating environment for autistic kids and to choosing games for children with autism as well as activity ideas are available in the convenient format.

Treatments for Autism

Many different treatments for autism can help improve behavior, communication and social skills. Alternative treatments for autism offers insight into methods people have used to treat the conditions that are not in the mainstream. For those getting ready to transition from the therapy room to the home, school and community setting, Autistic Generalization is an excellent choice.


Families affected by autism spectrum disorders face many challenges but many resources can help develop a plan of action. Learning about the possible causes of autism may deepen your understanding of pervasive developmental disorders. Once a cause has been discovered, new treatments may be developed.

Resources may include clipart and diagnostic tools. An autism behavior checklist may help families recognize a pervasive developmental delay early.

Gathering information about autism and related pervasive developmental disorders can be overwhelming. LoveToKnow slideshows offer a conveniently concise format that brings many ideas together visually.

Autism Slideshows