Free Workbox Activities for Students with Autism


The search for free Workbox activities for students with autism can be challenging, and parents might want to consider simply investing in the homeschooling book that goes with the program. There are many aspects of the educational system that make it appealing to children on the autism spectrum of disorders.

What Is Workbox?

Workbox is a homeschooling education system developed by Sue Patrick, a parent of a child diagnosed with autism. In efforts to make learning easier and more enjoyable, Sue created an approach that factors in elements of time as well as an effective learning environment. The program is beneficial for nearly any child, but it can help children on the autism spectrum in the following ways:

  • Provides a structured learning environment
  • Offers routine
  • Is visual in nature
  • Provides hands-on activities
  • Encourages independence
  • Breaks down activities into small, doable chunks, similar to applied behavioral analysis (ABA)
  • Similar to TEACCH methods
  • Teaches effective use of time

The system may be used for home schooling families as well as those who attend schools. Another great benefit is that the parents can begin the program with a child as young as 18 months, a time when pervasive developmental disorders are first detected and diagnosed. The child has the benefit of using a comfortable system from a very young age that can continue into the high school years.

Free Workbox Activities for Students with Autism

Free Workbox activities for students with autism can come from a number of different sources. The first step is to develop a program for the student, and this can begin with a meeting with the child's treatment team. Parents who want to home school their child may want to visit Autism, a site that offers:

  • Online training for parents and educators
  • Message boards
  • Free teaching materials

Finding Work Box Activities

Free Workbox activities for students with autism can be hard to find for some parents, but many ideas are available. Resources range from autism-specific sites to Workbox groups to teacher-specific sites. Some options to consider include:

  • Positively Autism has free tasks that can be used as work box activities. Options on this site include:
    • Independent tasks
    • Games
    • Lesson plans
    • Fine motor activities
    • Stories
    • File folder games
  • Joining the Workboxes Yahoo! Group may be one of the best approaches to finding free work box activities. The group offers information as well as many free downloads.
  • Free Workbox activities are available on the Workbox website for people who have purchased Sue Patrick's book. Those who have purchased a book, whether the download or print version, can register on the website, allowing access to free materials that are suitable to use with the program.
  • Kidszone is a great resource that offers free downloads for a wide range of activities.

Teacher Filebox

Teacher Filebox is not a free resource but it is well worth mentioning because parents can find countless educational materials, including activities suitable for the Workbox program. Teacher Filebox charges a fee to join but parents may find that the cost is worth the investment, especially if they are homeschooling.

More Information

Anyone interested in learning more about Sue Patrick and Workbox can visit Interview with Sue Patrick for more information on this effective educational system.

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Free Workbox Activities for Students with Autism