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Jenny McCarthy

For Jenny McCarthy, autism is a condition of which she is well-acquainted. She has become a strong advocate for the education and treatment of autism, and she continues to be a cheerleader and role model for parents of autistic children.

Jenny McCarthy Autism Organization

For those who know Jenny McCathy, autism is a big part of her life. She is focused on finding the causes and the treatment of this still largely mysterious neurological disorder. Why is she so dedicated to this cause? In 2002, her son Evan was born. By the time Evan was two and a half years old, however, Jenny realized that something was seriously wrong. After a series of life-threatening seizures, a diagnosis of autism was made, and Jenny and her husband were devastated. As she thought back over Evan's short life, she realized she had missed many of the signs of autism, such as poor social skills and minimal eye contact. Unfortunately, Jenny's marriage did not survive the stress of dealing with Evan's diagnosis, but she has made great strides in the treatment of her son.

Jenny is heavily involved in the autism organization Generation Rescue, an international movement made up of parents, volunteers, doctors, and scientists dedicated to researching the causes and treatments for autism. The organization also mentors thousands of families whose lives are affected by this condition. Their mission is simple: " to continue to discover and share the truth with families about the potential cause of their child's neurological disorder so they can focus on effective treatments."

The organization is parent-founded and parent-led. They are united in the belief that these disorders are environmental illnesses which are caused by an abundance of heavy metals, live viruses, and bacteria in the body. They point to an increase of vaccines, which contain controversial ingredients like aluminum and mercury, as a possible cause. They also indicate that evidence suggests pregnant women are given a toxic overload of prenatal vaccines and refer to excessive use of antibiotics as another possible cause.

Recommended Actions

For Jenny McCarthy, autism is a condition that must not only be combated with treatment but also with education. Jenny stresses that parents not feel guilty about their child's diagnosis, and she also advises them to trust their instincts. Her new book Louder Than Words: A Mother's Journey in Healing Autism expresses her story of "diagnosis, hope, faith, and recovery-- a journey many thousands of parents now face."

She remains active in Generation Rescue, which does not profess to offer medical advice but does offer information and recommends a possible action plan once a child has been diagnosed with autism.

  • Read-The group encourages others to read as much as possible on the topic, specifically recommending two books, Children with Starving Brains and The Puzzle of Autism: Putting It All Together.
  • Seek Out a DAN Doctor-Defeat Autism Now, also referred to as DAN!, is focused on treating autism with doctors who are specifically trained to treat autism.
  • Rescue Angels-Rescue Angels is a volunteer organization that is part of Generation Rescue. They are typically parents of autistic children, and they are there to help you in your quest for answers and treatment.
  • Conferences and Support Groups-Attend autism conferences, like those held by DAN! and Autism One. You can also join discussion and support groups, both locally and online.
  • Dietary Choices-Consider altering your child's diet with practices such as eliminating casein and gluten and adding certain supplements. Check into detoxifying your child's body as well.

There are thousands of people dedicated to finding the causes and treatment of autism, and Jenny McCarthy is certainly one of them. Oprah Winfrey put it very aptly when she said in reference to Jenny and others fighting for the recognition, education, and treatment of this disorder, " You're mother warriors is what you are."

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Jenny McCarthy Autism