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DAN in Kansas

Kansas Defeat Autism Now is among the resources available for families and professionals dealing with pervasive developmental disorders. The organization is dedicated to researching and implementing biomedical interventions to treat autistic disorders.


Defeat Autism Now (DAN) contends that autistic disorders are treatable and that recovery is possible with the right interventions. The focus is treating underlying metabolic problems associated with the symptoms of autism and related pervasive developmental disorders. It is important to note that the organization also stresses the importance of other interventions including Applied Behavioral Analysis and speech therapy in the successful treatment of the disorders.

Autism Research Institute

The Autism Research Institute is an integral part of DAN. The institute is a helpful resource for parents whether they want to include biomedical treatments or not. Part of the process of making the decision involves gathering as much information as possible. The Autism Research Institute offers information about:

  • Assessment
  • Help for parents of newly diagnosed children
    • Advice
    • First steps
    • Living with ASD
  • Research
  • Treatment
  • Support
  • Possible triggers
  • Recovery

The institute has many more topics for families to explore, including people who are looking for information about Kansas Defeat Autism Now professionals. The institute offers a list of DAN doctors and while the list is helpful, it is still necessary for parents and caretakers to research each practitioner before making an appointment. The organization does not endorse nor does it certify or train professionals listed.

Kansas Defeat Autism Now

The DAN philosophy as it applies to practitioners has the following components:

  • Multiple stressors or triggers
  • Multiple susceptibilities
  • Each case is unique
  • Patient history is an important factor
  • Symptoms vary from one person to another
  • Treatments must be catered to the individual
  • Parents should take an active role in research, treatment and recovery
  • Practitioners work collaboratively with families, therapists and other professionals

The Autism Research Institute has six clinicians listed for the state of Kansas. Each is licensed as a healthcare provider, and each attends the Defeat Autism Now Clinician's Seminar. Residents can find Kansas DAN doctors by visiting the ARI Clinician Registry. Each listing links to information about the practitioners including:

  • Type of practice
  • Experience with autism
  • Waiting lists
  • Insurance and billing (note that most insurance does not cover medical treatments for autism)
  • Laboratory fees
  • Cases in which fees may be waived
  • Special diets
  • Willingness to collaborate
  • Phone consultations
  • Bilingual
  • Supplements
  • After hour support
  • What to expect during the initial visit

Autism Speaks

Autism Speaks offers a list of practitioners for the state of Kansas as well and among those listed is Defeat Autism Now! - A Project of the Autism Research Institute. However, it isn't clear whether all of the professionals listed are affiliated with the organization or not. It is necessary to follow up with each doctor to see what his or her practice involves.

Diagnosis, Research and Treatment for Autism

Pervasive developmental disorders continue to confound the psychological and medical communities. Autistic disorders are not currently diagnosed as medical problems; instead, they are classified as mental health conditions. The diagnostic process involves developmental evaluations, observations and parental input. No genetic or medical tests are available to diagnose pervasive developmental disorders.

This leads to a significant problem in the biomedical approach to treating the conditions, especially when it comes to insurance. Determining the cause (or causes) of autism is an important factor in developing proper treatments for the spectrum. Organizations like DAN are helpful in providing the research necessary in order to find the cause, as well as the best treatments, for the developmental disorders.

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