Lyme Induced Autism Foundation

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The Lyme Induced Autism Foundation is a nonprofit organization serving as a 501c3 organization under IRS code. In short, the organization is a benefit charity for those families struggling under Lyme induced autism.

Lyme Induced Autism Foundation Mission

The foundation, also known simply as L.I.A. Foundation, dedicates its efforts to improving awareness of the condition. It wants to increase awareness not only in parents, but also in physicians and the community as a whole as to the importance of testing for mycoplasma, borrelia and other infections that children with autism spectrum disorder often have.

In addition, the organization works to provide community aid through education of the available resources and the necessary tools. The organization often works alongside doctors and parents to help improve communication and to educate the masses.

As part of L.I.A. Foundation's goals, it also works to help physicians and the community to be aware of potential environmental triggers that could lead to the development of autism in some patients. This includes the company states, genetically modified foods, electromagnetic frequencies, toxic perfumes, toxic chemicals, pesticides and forced vaccination programs. The organization believes that any number of these conditions could trigger the onset of autism in children.

The organization also helps to bring together groups of people commonly affected by the conditions. The L.I.A. Foundation has developed, and continues to work to build a network of support through local and online resources. This resource aids individuals in finding answers to their questions and finding help.

LIA Foundation Programs

Many of the activities that help to bring the necessary information to the masses come from L.I.A. Foundation in the way of specially designed programs. The organization's programs stem around three aspects:

  • Awareness programs for patients, doctors, parents and the community
  • Educational programs about what autism is, as well as how it develops and how Lyme disease plays a role in the condition's development
  • Support programs designed to provide parents and children with the resources they need, including doctor referrals, information and just a network of friends to talk with.

Each of these programs is ongoing. Since the L.I.A. Foundation is a charity organization, the funding of these programs comes from donations. The organization also uses grants to help supplement donations. Special events occur year round and serve as a method of bringing in necessary funding. Conferences are another resource for the organization.

Does Lyme Disease Cause Autism

Although the L.I.A. Foundation does not claim that Lyme disease is a direct cause of autism, the foundation does believe there is a link between the two. The organization believes that many children have exposure to Lyme disease prior to being born, and therefore have the condition at birth. This leads to a suppressed immune system right from the start of life, which in turn allows the child to become a victim of any number of conditions. This includes viruses, lead poisoning, mercury poisoning and infections. These secondary conditions are what lead the child to develop autism spectrum disorder, L.I.A. Foundation believes.

Getting Involved

Those who wish to become a part of the Lyme Induced Autism Foundation can volunteer in a variety of ways. To help the organization to pass on their message, consider contributing in any of the following ways:

Donations to Lyme Induced Autism Foundation
  • Shopping: Visit the organization's website and shop with the organization's online partners. Doing so allows the foundation to receive a small donation tied to the purchases made.
  • Donations: Donations of cash and checks have easy acceptance. Donations help to keep the organization operational. Donations may occur online, through the mail or through special arrangements.
  • Sponsorships: Businesses and private individuals may sponsor L.I.A. Foundation leaders. These sponsorships help to pay the travel expenses for speakers who attend the annual conferences. Sponsorships also help to fund programs offered by the foundation.
  • Volunteer: The foundation often needs volunteers who wish to give of their time. The foundation base is in Southern California, though nationwide volunteering can be helpful. Volunteers help with general needs of the organization and for raising funds.
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