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The Surrey Autistic Society in the UK is a valuable facet of the National Autistic Society. The organization offers services and resources for individuals and families affected by autism spectrum disorders.

National Autistic Society

The National Autistic Society (NAS) is a charitable organization dedicated to helping individuals affected by autistic disorders. Parents of children with autism founded NAS and it has been in operation since 1962, servicing Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland and England. The charity provides important services for children, teens and adults with autism as well as guidance for parents and professionals.

Services for children and teens include:

  • Specialist schools
  • Education outreach services
  • Non-school services and play schemes

Services for adults include:

  • Employment training
  • Social programs
  • Employment support
  • Supported living
  • Day services
  • Outreach services
  • Specialist residential

Help for parents:

  • Advocacy
  • Training
  • Information
  • Support
  • Advice

Help for professionals:

  • Training and information

The National Autistic Society currently has 80 branches, one of which is Surrey Autistic Society in the UK.

Surrey Autistic Society in the UK

NAS Surrey recognizes that each person on the spectrum is unique and the services the organization provides are catered to each individual's needs and strengths. The branch has a well-trained staff and dedicated volunteers who offer guidance and support for caretakers, parents and professionals as well as individuals diagnosed on the spectrum. Surrey offers residential and day services and its autism resource center is a wealth of opportunity for people affected by pervasive developmental disorders.

Autism Residential Services

One of the biggest concerns parents of autistic children have is their continued success as adults. NAS Surrey's residential service is specific to helping adults with autism to gain greater independence. Autistic adults can thrive in a residential service's structured environment, which is conveniently located in the center of the community. The service strives to provide comfortable living arrangements that address the needs of adults on the spectrum.

Sensory issues can be overwhelming and Surry's residential service provides large rooms as well as "quiet room" spaces in the facility. Each room has a purpose, which takes care of the over-stimulating effects of multipurpose rooms. Each resident has a private bedroom that can be personalized.

Activities include local outings, a hobby room and therapies. Residents can enjoy the all-weather conservatory or spend time in the patio in the facility's large garden and they can develop life skills in the utility room, kitchen and dining areas.

Both the residential and day services use the SPELL approach developed by the National Autistic Society.


The SPELL approach is comparable to an individualized treatment plan that parents in the United States may find familiar. The framework helps the individual by promoting strengths while addressing challenges in the process. The goal is to help achieve independence and the ability to lead a full, rewarding life.SPELL stands for:

  • Structure is security for a person on the spectrum and it can alleviate the urge for strict adherence to routines.
  • Positive focus on strengths can help the individual achieve success while developing confidence.
  • Empathy is critical and those working with people on the spectrum need to take the autistic perspective in order to develop approaches that work.
  • Low arousal helps alleviate problems associated with sensory overload.

Links between the treatment plan and the individual's life experiences are necessary to make experiences meaningful. Among the most important aspect is communication links on the treatment team, including caretakers and parents.SPELL translates into a comprehensive individual care program that brings advocates, case managers, parents, caretakers and other support staff members together in a joined effort. With the right resources, the team can achieve great success.

Surrey Autism Resource Centre

The Surry Autism Resource Centre is located in Godalming and it offers a wealth of support and services for autistic children and adults. This organization works closely with Surry Autistic Society in the UK.

  • Youth clubs
  • ASSIST services for adults with Asperger's syndrome
  • Social skill programs
  • Training
  • Workshops
  • Play schemes

Successful Autistic People

Autistic disorders are manageable conditions, and individuals can find great success whether they have high or low functioning autism. The key is finding the guidance, support and resources necessary to achieve their goals. Surrey Autistic Society is a prime example of a charity that offers the help many families, professionals and people affected by autism need.

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