Behavioral Characteristics in Autism Spectrum Disorder

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Learn about specific repetitive behaviors in autism, including hand flapping, rocking, repetitive speech, and some lesser known examples. Find out when to be concerned and how these behaviors may help individuals… Keep reading »

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Father and son

If you or your child are showing some signs of Autism Spectrum Disorder, you may be curious about finding helpful resources and support to assist you with anything that feels challenging or confusing. Better understanding symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder in children, as well as adults, can lead to better care and solution options that increase the quality of life of the individual.

Symptoms of Autism in Children

If your little one is showing signs of Autism Spectrum Disorder you may notice quirky behaviors, as well as an absence of some developmental milestones being met. There are some great early intervention specialists that can help you once a diagnosis is made. If you are worried about a developmental milestone that hasn't been met, be sure to check in with your child's pediatrician. They can offer advice, as well as referrals.

Parenting a Child With Autism Spectrum Disorder

Parenting a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder can come with some challenges. Parenting in general can be exhausting and frustrating at times, so be sure to seek out appropriate help and support. Doing so can help validate your experience and connect you to other parents who are experiencing similar parenting issues or frustrations. Keep in mind that being a parent is incredibly challenging, but it also comes with amazing and magical moments.

Symptoms of Autism Common in Adults

If you are wondering if you may be experiencing some symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder, you may want to think about getting a formal diagnosis through a doctor, psychiatrist, or therapist and seeking out resources that could potentially help you with anything you may be having difficulty with. Everyone goes through challenges in life, and asking for help and seeking out solutions is not only brave, but can also significantly increase your mental wellbeing and overall happiness.

Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder

Learning about Autism Spectrum Disorder can help you find assistance with acts of daily living that may be hard for you or your child to work through. Although some symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder may feel challenging, there are tons of gifts and special skills that many individuals with this diagnosis have the ability to complete with greater ease than the majority of those who don't have this diagnosis. Understanding the challenges and unique abilities of those diagnosed with ASD can help you find appropriate resources that promote learning as well as fostering their abilities and interests.

Behavioral Characteristics in Autism Spectrum Disorder