Autism Behaviors

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Early signs of autism are not universal as each child is a unique individual, but there are some behaviors that can signal parents to pay more attention to their child's development. While it doesn't always mean… Keep reading »

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Father and son

Families with members who have autism often have questions or concerns about behaviors they notice. LoveToKnow Autism's experts can help you sort through these behaviors and learn ways to understand and work with them.

Classic Behaviors

Many behaviors and characteristics, like stimming or rocking, are considered classic signs of autism. Others, such as toileting issues or licking behaviors, may be less well-known or understood. Whether someone displays classic signs of autism or Asperger syndrome, or that person's behaviors are less recognizable as being related to the autism spectrum, LoveToKnow can help you discover these behaviors. Once you can recognize these behaviors as being associated with the condition, you can find strategies for working with a loved one in a constructive way when he displays them.

A Full Spectrum

Parents and other family members may benefit from understanding how behaviors occur and change along the autism spectrum. Often, someone with Asperger syndrome will display different types of behaviors than someone at a different place on the spectrum, or than someone who has a co-occurring condition like obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Understanding how these different conditions affect behaviors can help family members develop a plan when interacting with a person with autism.

Providing Resources

The ultimate goal in examining behaviors associated with autism and Asperger syndrome is to offer resources so people can better understand and interact with their family members and loved ones with autism. LoveToKnow is here to help, providing a range of information and resources that will help improve the quality of life for everyone involved.

Autism Behaviors