Furniture for Autistic Kids' Bedrooms

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The bedroom is a quiet place for a child to enjoy before drifting off to sleep, and with the many sleep problems that commonly accompany autism, furnishing the room should take great care and consideration. As you choose furniture for your autistic kid's bedroom, it's important to think about your child's safety, as well as his or her sensory needs and personal preferences. Luckily, with all the great children's furniture options on the market, you'll have no trouble finding the perfect bed, dresser, nightstand, or other piece.

10 Tips for Choosing Furniture for Autistic Kids' Bedrooms

When it comes to choosing the right furniture for a child with autism, your selection will be about more than great décor. Keep your child's functioning level, his or her unique sensory needs, and the following tips in mind as you peruse the selection of bedroom furniture:

  1. Consider purchasing items that can be secured to the wall. For dressers and bookcases, you can do this with a simple L-bracket. Look for a bed with a simple frame, like the Basic Platform Bed from Fast Furnishings, that's easy to attach to the wall.
  2. Think about skipping the headboard altogether. You can use a simple platform bed like the ones at, and then paint a faux headboard on the wall.
  3. Kids can be hard on furniture, especially if they're very active. Look for pieces that are durable like the Trendwood line from Sleep Sanctuary.
  4. Depending on your child's activity level and whether he or she is a climber, you may also want to avoid anything with knobs or hooks. Look for integrated handles like the ones on the Caravan dresser from Kalon Studios. For a more affordable option, shop thrift stores and antique stores for mid-century pieces of a similar design.
  5. If your child is very active, it's a good idea to avoid glass mirrors. You can replace the glass in any mirror with a reflective acrylic surface, or you can buy a kids' acrylic mirror.
  6. It can be difficult for some autistic kids to filter out sensory information and go to sleep. Although lots of children's furniture features cute decorations, look for something very simple, like the Flynn Headboard from Target, if your child has these sensory challenges.
  7. Furniture can also be a great way to meet sensory needs. If your child loves action and you feel he or she will not get hurt, consider a bunk bed with an integrated slide like the ones at Simply Bunk Beds.
  8. Having a space to get away can also be important, particularly if your autistic kid shares a bedroom. Look for a bed with an integrated hideout spot, such as the loft beds at The Beanbag Store.
  9. Children on the autism spectrum frequently have a special area of interest, and you can make your child's bedroom extra fun by incorporating this interest into the design. Consider unique options like the John Deere Tractor Bed from

More Stores Selling Kids' Bedroom Furniture

Although there aren't any stores that exclusively sell furniture for children on the autism spectrum, there are a number of shops specializing in children's bedroom sets and other items. Keeping your child's needs in mind, you can select the perfect bedroom pieces from among the items at these and other stores:

Many Options Available

With all the great options in kids' furniture available, you'll have lots of items to choose from when selecting furniture for your autistic child's bedroom. The key is balancing safety, comfort and sensory needs with style and a sense of fun.

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Furniture for Autistic Kids' Bedrooms