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Article Highlight: Adult Autism Success Story

When some parents hear an autism diagnosis for their child, they may automatically think the worst. All of their hopes and dreams for their child's future may crumble right before their eyes. However, what parents… Keep reading »

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The Spectrum of Autism Experts

Autism experts cover a wide range of topics and they are unique because little is known about the spectrum of developmental disorders. Whether you are a parent of a newly diagnosed child, or a professional who works with autistic people, expert interviews can offer guidance and a new perspective. Among the experts we feature on LoveToKnow Autism are neurologists, behavior therapists, and parents.

Professional Perspectives

LoveToKnow is always looking for professionals who work with autistic people in a number of different capacities. Dawn Brendle, MA offers her insight as a behavior specialist and Autism Supervisor for Western PA Psych Care. She includes effective strategies and treatments as well as words of encouragement for families dealing with pervasive developmental disorders.

Doctor Gary Trock is a neurologist who offers suggestions for helping children on the spectrum to sleep better, and Rachael Lampi is a speech pathologist who took time to answer questions about how autism affects language.

Personal Perspectives

Parents are unusual experts, but they can offer excellent advice and guidance for parents of newly diagnosed children. LoveToKnow interviews parents who have made an impact on the autistic community, including author of The Girl Who Spoke with Pictures, Eileen Miller. Adonya Wong offers a perception of acceptance and tolerance in her book, In My Mind: The World Through the Eyes of Autism. She shares her philosophy as a parent of a boy with autism.

Helpful Resources

Many helpful resources offer support and guidance for families dealing with autistic disorders. Sharon daVanport is a woman with Asperger's syndrome who shares her experience as well as information about the unique challenges girls with AS face. Joan Nash talks about Children Succeed, a place where families can find games for autistic children, and Dorothy Strickland, PhD connects families with more than 5,000 pages of free printable activities for people with autism on Do2Learn.

LoveToKnow strives to find the most helpful resources, and the most insightful perspectives.

Autism Experts