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Learning your child, friend, sibling, or another person in your life has been diagnosed with autism or Aspergers often leads to questions. Find more information, learn how to help, and plan appropriate activities by using these free printables from LoveToKnow. If you need help downloading a LoveToKnow printable, check out these helpful tips.

Autism Information

Suspecting autism or Aspergers is not the same as a diagnosis. Before you make an appointment with a doctor, use these lists to see if your child has any of the signs and symptoms of either condition.

Autism Goals

Various treatments are used to help manage autism. Set goals to help determine whether your current treatment options are working or if you need to reevaluate. Goal setting sheets are also a good way to track progress in areas like communication, behavior, and self-care.

Autism Worksheets

Worksheets, especially those with illustrative graphics, are a good way to help young children understand the world around them. Use these worksheets to help children process feelings and social interactions.

Autism Lesson Plans

Teachers are an integral part of a child's life when he or she starts school. These lesson plans can help them connect with autistic children in their classroom:

Autism Activities for Children

Whether you host a play group, want to keep kids busy on summer or winter break, or need a fun activity for kids in school these ideas are sure to come in handy:

You'll also find plenty of find ideas for language development using the printables and instructions in the article Activities to Promote Language with Autistic Preschoolers, and plenty of social skills activities, complete with instructions and printables, in the article Social Skills Activities for Kids with Autism.

Autism Activities for Teens

Activities that are good for kids may not work very well with teens who suffer from autism. Make sure you choose age-appropriate activities for the teen with autism in your life:

Autism Activities for Adults

While autism is often discussed in reference to children and teens, they will become adults who must navigate the world. Support the autistic adults in your life by doing these activities together:

Autism Games

Playing games is a fun way to interact with anyone, and teaches important social skills. Read the article Printable Games for Autistic Children to find four games with instructions and printables, along with plenty of other great game suggestions.

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