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Autism is a treatable condition, and while many embrace behavioral interventions, many others adopt biomedical treatments for autistic disorders. Jenny McCarthy serves as President of Generation Rescue, a nonprofit organization that serves as a great resource for parents who want to explore all of the treatment options available. LoveToKnow had an opportunity to interview a representative of the nonprofit.

Interview with Stephanie Rotondi, Generation Rescue Representative

Stephanie Rotondi is a representative from Generation Rescue, which is an organization that considers environmental factors that could play a role as possible causes of pervasive developmental disorders. The nonprofit is dedicated to helping families find the most comprehensive treatment options for their children.

Recovery and Prevention

LoveToKnow (LTK): Is autism recovery possible?

Stephanie Rotondi (SR): [We believe] the symptoms that many children diagnosed with autism such as, negative behaviors, tantrums, sensory issues and more, can be treated and improved by biomedical interventions. Taking certain foods known to cause allergic reactions out of a child's diet could help. Treating overgrown yeast or removing toxic heavy metals can also improve the child's health. While treating and improving these symptoms, the child's behaviors improve, some so significantly that they lose their autism diagnosis.

LTK: Is autism preventable?

SR: Through education, awareness and preparation, autism can be prevented. Those families that have a pre-disposition to autism spectrum disorders can reduce their exposure by avoiding toxins, cleaning their environment, eating organically and supplementing with necessary vitamins/minerals and other natural products known to boost the body's immunity.

Generation Rescue

LTK: What resources does Generation Rescue offer parents of newly diagnosed children?

SR: We have several resources to offer:

Our Rescue Family grant that helps families who cannot afford to treat their child's symptoms. This grant is a 90-day jump-start into biomedical treatment, which includes:

  • Two visits with a doctor specially trained to treat children with autism
  • Lab testing
  • Supplements including vitamins and minerals
  • Nutritional counseling

Our website, Generation Rescue, has the most updated information, articles and posts in the autism community. Families can research information, start their recovery, find a doctor, find a mentor or attend an event in their area.

We also co-host the largest autism conference, AutismOne in Chicago. AutismOne is a five-day conference which hosts over 150 leading physicians, researchers and therapists presenting the latest and up and coming topics in the autism community.

LTK: What types of biomedical treatments look promising?

SR: There are many different types of biomedical treatments guided by a physician that have made a positive impact. Treatments differ for each child, as each child's symptoms are unique to themselves. Under the guidance of a physician, each child receives individualized medical planning. Treating each symptom individually and tailoring it to the child, allows the best plan and options for the family and child.

LTK: How can people become members of Generation Rescue?

SR: You can become a member of the Generation Rescue community by creating a profile on our website Generation Once there, you can sign up to receive our newsletter as well as connect with other members of our community or just stay updated with the latest information from our website.

Resources for Parents

LoveToKnow thanks Stephanie Rotondi for taking time to answer questions about Generation Rescue. The nonprofit organization consists of a group of dedicated volunteers, physicians and scientists who offer guidance and information about treating autistic disorders. Medical research, therapies, and diet are among the topics they cover. The organization collects information from a variety of sources, including personal stories.

The information Generation Rescue offers is not a substitute for legal or medical advice. It is still necessary to consult with your child's pediatrician about viable treatment options.

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Interview with Generation Rescue