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Awareness ribbon

An autism ribbon is a representation that can help raise awareness about pervasive developmental disorders. Learn about the types of ribbons for autism that are available, and find out where to find them.

What Is an Autism Ribbon?

An autism ribbon is an iconic representation that seeks to raise awareness about pervasive developmental disorders.

The ribbons stand out because they have puzzle pieces in bright, primary colors. The puzzle pieces are symbolic, as they represent the puzzling nature of the autism spectrum. The conditions are mysterious because there is no known cause and no known cure for the developmental disorders.

Types of Ribbons

Different types of autism ribbons are available, and each offers a unique way to raise autism awareness. Traditionally, the symbols are made of ribbon material, and they attach to a garment with a pin. However, they come in many other forms as well. Some options to consider include:

  • Autism ribbon jewelry such as necklaces, pins, earrings, and bracelets
  • Nail decals
  • Clipart
  • Keychains
  • Car magnets

The brightly-colored image can be found on clothing, coffee mugs, totes, and stuffed animals. Some people go as far as to have tattoos of autism awareness ribbons.

Finding Autism Awareness Ribbons

The ribbons in their various forms can be found in different places, but you can be most helpful by choosing an organization that raises money for research, or for services in your local area. Some options to consider are:

Consider finding local organizations if you want to make a purchase to help people in your community. Autism Society and AutismLink offer information about organizations in different areas. Try for fundraising packages.


While many hope for a cure, some see autism ribbons as a way to encourage acceptance and tolerance for the behavioral differences people on the spectrum have.

The puzzle symbol is not appealing to all people who are living in the autistic culture. Some may argue that people on the spectrum are not mysteries or puzzles; they are individuals with unusual behaviors who develop at a different pace than typical people do.

The symbolism may indicate isolation, as each piece is segmented from the other. Isolation can be a serious problem for individuals and families dealing with autism, and a visual representation of the isolated pieces can be dismaying.

Positive Perspectives

The symbolism of the puzzle may be looked at as inspiration for learning more about a complex disorder. The range of primary colors may represent the wide range of the autism spectrum that is made up of individuals. Just as it is necessary to explore autistic disorders; it is important to recognize that each person, each piece of the puzzle is unique.

The puzzle pieces are interconnected, which may symbolize that each piece of the autism puzzle is connected. Each piece may seem somewhat isolated, but they do interlock, and each is an important part of the entire picture.

An important factor is hope. According to Autism Society, the bright colors represent hope. No matter which perspective you take, an autism ribbon is a valuable tool for helping the general public recognize the prevalence of the spectrum, as more and more ribbons are displayed, and it can be a great source of hope, whether you seek a cure or acceptance.

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